What’s The Best Time of The Year In Canada to Get Your Commercial HVAC Checked-Up

Depending on your business — you’ll need at least one commercial HVAC check-up annually.

However, when is the best time of the year to call in HVAC specialists to check your commercial HVAC system? Below, we’ll discuss the best time of the year to make sure your commercial HVAC system is operating how it should be.

Your HVAC System and Spring Cleaning

Spring is the best time of the year to have your commercial HVAC checked up in Canada.

However, Canada is massive — meaning spring begins at different points depending on your location. If you live in Vancouver, Canada, you’ll likely want to schedule your yearly HVAC check-up by the middle or end of March.

Although spring officially begins on March 20th, areas in Canada may still be in a deep freeze — especially in the Northern provinces.

Why is Spring The Best Time of The Year to Get Your Commercial HVAC Checked-Up?

After a long and cold winter, your HVAC system has likely been under immense stress.

From heavy usage (heater) to leaking or frozen pipes, a handful of problems probably began during the winter months. Aside from winter, summer is another heavy-usage period where your commercial HVAC system is in full swing as the temperature climbs to new records.

Therefore, spring is the perfect time for HVAC professionals to inspect your commercial unit.

You’re More Likely to Get an Appointment During the Spring

Another reason why it’s best to have your commercial HVAC unit checked in the spring is that you’re more likely to get an appointment.

The winter and summer months are technically the busiest for HVAC professionals. During the winter and summer, HVAC units are usually stressed and break down. These are the worst months for a system-wide HVAC failure, producing ample downtime for commercial businesses affected.

However, spring is a much more relaxed time of the year. Therefore, HVAC professionals are not fully booked and are more likely to check up on your commercial HVAC system quickly.

Why You Should Avoid Having Your Commercial HVAC System Checked-Up in Canada in Summer or Winter

If your HVAC system requires more than a tune-up — you’ll experience downtime.

When it comes to downtime, you want to avoid months with the most extreme temperature. In winter, temperatures can become extremely cold in Vancouver, Canada. Alternatively, Vancouver recently witnessed some of its hottest days in summer.

Therefore, the last thing you want for your commercial operation is an HVAC system that needs extensive repairs during brutal weather. Due to this, you should always schedule routine maintenance during spring.

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