What’s The Average Lifespan of High-Quality Commercial Heating And Cooling Systems?

The HVAC system heating or cooling your commercial building will eventually reach the end of its lifespan — regardless of its technological capabilities.

From regular maintenance to retrofits, nothing can stop the eventuality that your HVAC system will need to be replaced after a number of years of normal use. Below, we’ll discuss the average lifespan of high-quality commercial HVAC systems, how to prolong their longevity, and who to contact once it’s time to get a new HVAC unit.

The Average Lifespan of High-Quality HVAC Systems

According to industry-leading HVAC professionals and studies, most high-quality HVAC systems can perform admirably for 15-20 years.

The caveat, however, to reach 15-20 years depends on how you treat the HVAC system throughout its life. In other words, is the HVAC system neglected, or does it receive regular maintenance by HVAC professionals?

Of course, heating and cooling systems that receive preventative maintenance visits are more likely to reach the golden 15-20 year mark. On the other hand, poorly serviced HVAC systems are more likely to experience serious (and expensive) problems far earlier than the 15-20 year mark.

Ultimately, even the most state-of-the-art HVAC systems will decline over time if they do not experience regular repairs and maintenance by HVAC professionals.

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Below, we’ll discuss key tips to ensure the lifespan of your heating and cooling system lasts for many years to come.

Hire Industry Leading HVAC Professionals

If you’re ready to install a brand new HVAC system — you want to do everything right the first time.

Therefore, it’s best to hire industry-leading HVAC professionals that adequately determine the right size and model for your commercial space. Remember, installing the right size HVAC system is important because it’s the best way to optimize energy consumption.

Additionally, HVAC professionals will install the system correctly — making it less likely to experience problems initially.

Schedule Routine and Preventative Maintenance

Once HVAC professionals have installed your HVAC system — it’s time to stay on the ball with regular and preventative maintenance.

Normally, scheduling HVAC professionals at the beginning of spring and fall is best to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the energy-intensive months ahead. Furthermore, preventative maintenance will likely catch minor problems before they snowball into more significant (and costlier) issues.

Perform Basic Inspection Throughout the Year

An overlooked way to increase the lifespan of your HVAC system is to do a basic inspection throughout the year.

This includes checking thermostats, visually inspecting visible piping, changing air filters, and listening for abnormal noises. Additionally, you can compare energy bills throughout the year.

If your energy bill suddenly rises — you may have a problem that needs to be addressed by an HVAC professional.

Your HVAC System Can Reach its Maximum Lifespan With the Help of HVAC Professionals in Canada

HVAC systems are a serious investment for any commercial business in Canada.

Therefore, your goal must be to help it reach its maximum lifespan while keeping your energy costs low. The undisputed method to achieve your HVAC system’s peak lifespan is to hire HVAC professionals for routine and preventative maintenance visits.

If you’re ready to optimize your HVAC system for years of use in British Columbia — contact M&T Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment.