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If you’re a property manager, you want to make sure that all your properties are the best that they can be. One of the most important things property managers need to take care of is finding a reliable HVAC company.

That’s where M&T Air Conditioning comes in—were experts that provide only top-quality HVAC services for property managers in the Greater Vancouver area. Whether you take care of commercial, industrial, or residential property, we can get any type of HVAC job done.

That includes ventilation service, retrofits, new HVAC system installs, custom designs, and much more. We can also provide specialty refrigeration services or custom sheet metal fabrication for any of your properties.

If you’re a property manager in the Greater Vancouver area, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for a quote for any of our HVAC services.


M&T is equipped to handle HVAC services for all types of commercial properties in the Greater Vancouver area. We are professionals with years of experience under our belt when it comes to installing and servicing commercial ventilation systems.


If you’re a property manager, you want to make sure that all your properties are the bestthat they can be. One of the most important things property managers need to take care of is finding a reliable HVAC company.


Office buildings need to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for maximum productivity. Keeping the indoor climate comfortable and fresh is the job of the HVAC system.


Well-built and maintained HVAC systems are essential for keeping indoor air fresh and healthy. That’s especially important for multi-family mixed buildings with so many different occupants living under one roof.


Are you a contractor or developer that needs HVAC experts to install ventilation, heating, or air conditioning? Then look no further than M&T Air Conditioning—we provide developers and contractors professional HVAC services in the Greater Vancouver area.


We know that labs are sensitive places that need only the best HVAC equipment. Cultures and chemicals need to stay cold and uncontaminated—one stray bacteria or a hiccup in the cooling system can ruin months of hard work.


Public institutions are diverse and can be hospitals, public colleges, or government buildings. However, all of these places have one thing in common—they need reliable and high-quality HVAC systems.


M&T Air Conditioning are specialistswhen it comes to HVAC services for education centers in the Greater Vancouver area. We know that schools need only the best HVAC systems, especially during these times.


Industrial buildings require industrial-grade heating and air-conditioning that works efficiently andreliably. Here at M&T Air Conditioning, we’re experts in HVAC services for industrial buildings in the Greater Vancouver area.


Cannabis businesses need to keep pungent odors from escaping their premises. Here at M&T Air Conditioning, we provide HVAC services for cannabis businesses in the Greater Vancouver area.


Indoor agricultural facilities need HVAC systems running at their optimum to keep their crop healthy. Here at M&T Air Conditioning, we’re experts when it comes to HVAC services for indoor agricultural facilities in the Greater Vancouver area.


Restaurants demand excellent HVAC systems to keep their kitchens as clean as possible. At M&T Air Conditioning, we provide HVAC services for all restaurants in the Greater Vancouver area.

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M&T Air Conditioning
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rob mark
rob mark
20:38 10 Jun 21
Responsive and very effective, has been great at keeping our HVAC systems operational and our tenants happy.
David Locke
David Locke
18:39 26 May 21
I am the Director of New Communities for a Real Estate Brokerage and have used M&T at several New Developments. They are responsive, knowledgeable and very capable.
Ruy Velazquez
Ruy Velazquez
19:51 18 May 21
Good quality of work, very Professional company, easy to work with and their paperwork is easy to track.
Morgan N
Morgan N
16:32 31 Mar 21
It really comes down to the person in the uniform that shows up with the tools, and M&T only hire the best, friendliest and most professional people. That’s why we’ve been using them the last twenty years.I enjoy calling M&T because I know someone will always answer, and look after my needs quickly and professionally.With fifty-four commercial properties and three hundred tenants in our portfolio, we don’t have time for second best. M&T are number one.As a full service real estate management and development company, we need a full-service HVAC company. M&T do maintenance, inspections, new installations and duct work – one stop shopping. It doesn’t get any easier than M&T.Every ten years you run across a company hat has everything going for it: price, service, quality. It’s been twenty years since we started using M&T and they continue to lead the pack. They never disappoint, and I can always recommend them.Morgan Nicholsfigueiredo, Property ManagerThe Value Group of Companies
Ken Munro
Ken Munro
05:05 09 Feb 21
I have used the services of M&T at my commercial properties in Surrey and Cloverdale for the last few years. I have found them to be professional, thorough, timely and fairly priced. Their technicians are knowledgeable and great to deal with. I highly recommend this local company!
shook son
shook son
17:36 07 Feb 21
Fast, efficient and amazing services, i use m and t for all my commercial hvac needs!At a extremely reasonable rate i got my ice machine, hood vents, thermostats and restaurant fans, all set up by this amazing crew !!
Helen Stepchuk
Helen Stepchuk
19:05 19 Nov 20
Very happy with the services and how efficiently they work from booking appointments, arriving on time to doing the actual work. I had someone else look at our AC in the past and they were not able to fix it, but M&T crew was able to identify and fix the problem in the spot. Highly recommend!
Cam Roy
Cam Roy
03:49 09 Sep 20
Niks Acrylics
Niks Acrylics
21:45 07 Oct 19
M and T is an amazing company, they always make sure the job is done right the first time. Fast reliable service and their technicians are very polite
Connor Pearson
Connor Pearson
16:26 26 Sep 19
They are always very responsive, reasonably priced, and work quickly to resolve issues in a professional manner. We will continue to use them for our A/C & heating needs.
Cameron Knight
Cameron Knight
18:35 27 Jul 19
We were so happy with the service we received from them! Te tech was able to get out that Friday and they were able to honor my service agreement with my manufacturer so it didn't cost me a thing. The technician was very thorough. I was impressed.
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