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For over 40 years, M&T Air Conditioning has offered a wide range of professional-grade services, such as heating and cooling, HVAC maintenance, HVAC repairs, commercial HVAC replacements, and HVAC construction and retrofits.

Specialty Server Room Cooling Units

in Greater Vancouver & The Fraser Valley

Here at M&T Air Conditioning, we’re experts at providing HVAC specialty services for server rooms in the greater Vancouver area. We know that computers, networking equipment, and peripherals are sensitive and need to stay cool to run efficiently.

Our technicians have the expertise to set up your server room cooling units in the most efficient way possible. The cooling units that we use keep servers cool, even during high-density loads.

We can set up your cooling system to use air, glycol, water, or a combination of the three. Never fear that your equipment will run too hot because our cooling units maintain an optimal airflow and water flow.

Each cooling unit is adjustable and can meet the needs of your data center no matter how many servers you run.

Air compressors

Air compressors are essential for many types of commercial businesses like auto repair shops. However, installing these large air compressors requires specialty HVAC services.

If you want experts to set up your air compressor, then look no further than M&T Air conditioning. We serve the greater Vancouver area and get your specialty HVAC services done on time and on budget.

Air Dryers

If you need to keep your environment as dry as possible, then you can count on M&T Air Conditioning. We’re the best in the greater Vancouver area at installing and maintaining specialty HVAC equipment like air dryers.

Air dryers keep your industrial or commercial business dehumidified. Air dryers work by cooling the air, condensing it, and then draining off the moisture.

Environmental Chambers

We’re experts at installing specialty HVAC services for environmental chambers. We know that environmental chambers demand the utmost attention to detail to keep them operational.

We can install environmental chambers for all types of applications, including automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic, computer, and refrigeration. Keep your testing environment running at its best by having us perform your specialty HVAC services.

Film Set Heating and Cooling

If your production requires specialty HVAC services in the greater Vancouver area, we have you covered. We know that film sets have special requirements when it comes to heating and cooling.

Portable Equipment Rental and Repair

Here at M&T Air Conditioning, we provide specialty portable HVAC services. If you need temporary or emergency cooling or heating solutions, you can rent out one of our portable units.

Not only do we rent out portable heating and cooling units, but we provide expertise from our team to get the equipment running. If you have portable HVAC units that need repairing, you can count on us to find and fix the problem.

RTI - Refrigeration Training Institute

M&T Air Conditioning worked with RTI to provide professional HVAC equipment and training to HVAC technician apprentices. We believe that it’s essential to keep the next generation of HVAC technicians well supplied and well trained.

We can provide specialty HVAC equipment services to HVAC training schools in the greater Vancouver area to ensure that HVAC apprentices get the best training possible.

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Renewal Constructions Inc. has worked with M&T air condition and plumbing on a numerous projects over the past years. M&T has consistently provided fair pricing and reliable service. Adrian in the plumbing division has proven himself to be a low-maintenance team player that is motivated to get the work done in the best interest of each project. We consider M&T to be an asset to our group of subcontractors.
Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Have recommended both heating and plumbing services. They understand the demands and requirements of a commercial building.

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