Understand The Phases of Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Business owners have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, making it easy to overlook crucial building infrastructure maintenance.

From routine inspections to critical repairs, your business depends on a well-functioning HVAC system to keep clients comfortable or goods at a stable temperature. Below, we’ll help you understand the phases of planned commercial HVAC maintenance.

Phase One: Corrective Maintenance

The first phase is called corrective maintenance.

Once you schedule an HVAC professional to your commercial building, they will immediately run routine tests to find any immediate issues. If it’s been a long time since your last routine HVAC maintenance appointment, there are probably a few issues.

In this first phase, minor issues are corrected to stave off larger problems resulting in system-wide failure. Corrective maintenance is necessary within the grand scale of planned commercial HVAC maintenance, but it shouldn’t be relied on as the sole maintenance plan.

Phase Two: Preventative Maintenance

Next, preventative maintenance is a crucial phase that allows HVAC professionals to perform preventive care.

Instead of waiting for critical failures, preventative maintenance catches problems before they occur. Most HVAC problems are preventable and cost far less than calling in HVAC professionals due to an emergency.

There are different types of preventative maintenance which you can discuss with an HVAC professional. Depending on your HVAC system, you may choose from time, usage, or condition-based approaches that measure different criteria to begin preventative HVAC maintenance.

Phase Three: Risk-Based Maintenance

Risk-based maintenance is an approach that requires frequent inspections by an HVAC professional.

Overall, risk-based maintenance accomplishes two goals: prevent issues from becoming problematic (and costly) and create a history log of specific equipment to create an efficient maintenance schedule.

In other words, the risk-based approach is a crucial phase within planned commercial HVAC maintenance because it assesses the equipment over time before making repairs.

Phase Four: Predictive Maintenance

The final phase is called predictive maintenance because it relies on smart technology.

Unlike risk-based maintenance, predictive maintenance uses data from advanced monitoring technology. Many commercial building operators and owners choose smart technology to monitor everything, such as individual room temperature monitors and air quality sensors.

One of the perks of smart building technology is its onboard criteria of predictive maintenance. When a specific threshold is met and identified by the monitor, HVAC specialists are alerted.

Planned Commercial HVAC Maintenance is the Key to Success

The last thing you need to worry about during your busy workweek is an HVAC problem.

You’ll save money and ensure the longevity of your HVAC system by following the four phases of planned commercial HVAC maintenance. From smart monitors to hands-on inspection, you’ll need reliable HVAC professionals to take care of your commercial HVAC system.

If you own or operate a commercial building in Vancouver, Canada — don’t hesitate to contact M&T Air Conditioning today. With a team of HVAC professionals, M&T Air Conditioning is ready to assist your company with the four phases of planned commercial HVAC maintenance so you can rest easy and focus on your business.