How Often Should You Retrofit Commercial HVAC Systems In Canada

After years of heavy use in extreme temperatures and conditions — your HVAC system may need a facelift.

However, your equipment may not be at the edge of its life expectancy, and you’d rather avoid buying a completely new HVAC system. The answer is to retrofit your HVAC system to extend its life, increase efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

Below, we’ll discuss how often you should retrofit commercial HVAC systems in Canada.

When Should You Retrofit Your Commercial HVAC System?

The best time to have HVAC professionals perform a complete or partial retrofit is during the shoulder season.

In other words, retrofits should be completed during months when the demand for AC isn’t through the roof. Therefore, it’s best to schedule a commercial HVAC retrofit during spring or fall.

By retrofitting your HVAC system during the off-season, you won’t experience downtime during months with heavy energy usage, such as winter or summer.

Furthermore, retrofits during off-season months are typically cheaper because the parts are not as expensive. The opposite is true during peak months, such as winter or summer, and you can expect to pay exorbitant prices on parts and labor.

The Balancing Act of Retrofitting Your Commercial HVAC System

Timing is of the essence when it comes to retrofitting your commercial HVAC system.

An old HVAC system at the end of its rope will not benefit from a retrofit. However, an HVAC system with a growing number of problems fits the bill.

Remember, it’s unlikely that your entire HVAC system will go out at once. Instead, HVAC professionals may find problem areas that will benefit the whole system with the help of retrofitting.

To better understand what needs to be retrofitted, you should schedule an appointment with HVAC professionals. Once HVAC professionals inspect your HVAC system, you’ll know what parts can be repaired and which parts need a retrofit.

The Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial HVAC Equipment

The benefits of retrofitting commercial HVAC equipment encompass financial and safety concerns that any commercial business owner can understand.

  • Retrofitting increases the commercial HVAC system’s lifespan
  • Retrofitting decreases energy costs by increasing efficiency
  • Retrofitting increases comfort within the workspace
  • Retrofitting decreases hazardous risks
  • Retrofitting decreases downtime

As you can see, retrofitting your HVAC equipment is a tried and true method to give your HVAC system an efficient boost for years to come.

Need Help Determining if Retrofitting is Right For You? Call an HVAC Professional Today

Sometimes, it’s not apparent that your HVAC equipment or system needs a retrofit.

Whether you’ve noticed higher-than-normal energy bills or your system has been working for over a decade — it’s time to schedule a maintenance appointment with HVAC professionals.

HVAC professionals at M&T Air Conditioning know exactly what to look for when deciding if retrofitting is necessary. With M&T Air Conditioning, you’ll know what can be fixed and what needs to undergo the retrofitting process.

From minimal downtime to professional installation, M&T Air Conditioning is ready to rejuvenate your commercial HVAC system in Canada — they’re only a phone call away!