What Can You Expect During HVAC Repairs on Your Commercial Property?

Repairs and maintenance are unavoidable for keeping your commercial HVAC system running at peak performance. After all, you want your HVAC system to run without a hitch for the sake of your employees, customers, or residents.

Perhaps it’s time you needed repairs or maintenance to your commercial HVAC system. Yet, this is the first time you’ve ever needed to call, and you’re wondering what to expect.

Well, wonder no more because we’ll tell you everything that happens during a visit from your local HVAC specialists.

A Rapid Diagnosis

First and foremost, a technician will need to find the root cause of your HVAC problems. While some HVAC problems may be simple, others can be a bit more complicated.

That’s why an HVAC technician will first need to diagnose a problem. Once the problem is found, then it’s on to the actual repairs.

The thing is, there are a lot of different parts of an HVAC system. That means that technicians will need to go through the system and find the cause of the problem.

What to Expect for the AC System

On the inside of the building, you can expect an HVAC technician to:

  • Clean and change air filters
  • Measure the motor voltage
  • Check thermostats and operating systems
  • Clean the condenser coil
  • Check blower motor and wheel
  • Clear the condensate drains

Once the technician moves outside, you can expect them to:

  • Check and fill the refrigerant
  • Inspect the compressor and may clean the coil or cabinet
  • Test the relays, compressors, and start capacitors

What to Expect from the Heating System

On the outside, the HVAC professional will need to inspect and clean the outside unit. Then, they’ll likely check the condensate drain to make sure it’s clean and flowing freely.

Once the HVAC tech moves inside, you can expect them to:

  • Clean or change air filters
  • Check the heat exchanger
  • Measure the flue gasses
  • Inspect safety controls
  • Inspect the gas line
  • Clean the combustion chamber
  • Clean and check the blower fan
  • Check the thermostat controls

What Other Repairs Can I Expect?

Air Balancing

If your commercial HVAC system is heating or cooling some rooms more than others, then likely there’s an air balancing issue. If that’s the case, then a technician will need to perform an air balance test.

This test tries to see how the air is flowing through your HVAC system. Then, the technician will determine if the problem is coming from ducting or if the system needs minor adjustments.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your commercial building’s air conditioning. While it’s natural that this refrigerant depletes over time, there can also be a leak.

Of course, HVAC systems get old and can spring minor leaks. In that case, the HVAC pros will fix the leak and fill the refrigerant up to sufficient levels.

Who Should I Call If I Need HVAC Repairs?

If you have a commercial property in the Vancouver area, then you’re in luck. That’s because the HVAC pros from M&T Air Conditioning serve the entire Vancouver area.

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If you need maintenance or repairs on your commercial HVAC equipment, don’t hesitate to contact M&T today.