5 Subtle Signs Your Commercial Building Needs A New HVAC System

When running a business, keeping up with all the little things is challenging.

However, those little things add up and create a mountain of problems. One of the most common issues in commercial buildings stems from problematic HVAC systems.

From increased power bills to noxious odors, we’re going to discuss the 5 subtle signs that signal it’s time to install a new HVAC system in your commercial building below.

1. Increased Energy Bills

The telltale sign that your current HVAC system needs a replacement is increased energy bills.

Even if the bills are higher by a margin — it’s the canary in the coal mine that’s signaling more expensive bills in the future.

Most commercial buildings are retrofitted with outdated HVAC systems. From inefficient designs to deteriorating parts, older HVAC systems should be replaced by efficient systems to decrease your energy bills.

2. Noticeable Odors

Whether your commercial building is a retail or office space — noticeable odors stemming from the HVAC system are a significant problem.

Not only do offensive odors make it downright challenging to work, but it also points to problems within the HVAC system. From leaking chemicals such as refrigerants to moldy growth, commercial building owners should never allow noxious odors to persist.

If you’re noticing an increased level of noticeable odors in your commercial building — a new HVAC system may be needed to return a fresh scent to your space.

3. Operational Noise

Do you remember how quiet your HVAC system was when you installed it a decade ago?

Well, time has passed — and many parts are deteriorating within. The result is increased operational noise. From a slight humming sound to a jarring clunking noise, HVAC systems produce noise once they are on the limit.

A noisy HVAC system disturbs clients, vendors, and staff — making it necessary to install a new and quiet HVAC system in your commercial building.

4. Uncomfortable Temperatures

If you’re shivering during the winter and sweating during the summer while inside your commercial building — it’s time to consider a new HVAC system.

There’s nothing worse than an HVAC system that cannot maintain a comfortable temperature in a commercial building. Employees find it difficult to work, and customers and vendors may avoid your business in the future.

Therefore, don’t delay a new HVAC unit if your current HVAC system is putting your clients, staff, and vendors in discomfort.

5. Decreased Air Quality

From signs of mold and mildew to detectable levels of carbon monoxide, decreased air quality is a subtle sign that it’s time to replace your HVAC system.

Old and damaged HVAC systems may produce carbon monoxide, which is extremely hazardous to the workspace. Also, excessive humidity, mold, and mildew can cause allergens and other health-related problems.

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