How Often Do Schools Have to Replace Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems?

Now that class is back in session after the COVID-19 pandemic, ventilation and filtration are more important than ever. That’s because properly functioning HVAC systems are essential for keeping the air from stagnating.

Bad quality air can negatively impact health in many different ways. Most importantly, air that isn’t flowing creates the perfect environment for viruses.

That means that a school’s (or any building’s) ventilation system must be kept in top shape. That’s why you’ll want to call the HVAC pros to replace your school’s ventilation and air filtration systems.

Now you might be wondering, just how often should schools replace air filtration and ventilation systems? Find out all that and more by reading below.

Inspection, Testing, and Maintainance

One of the best ways to ensure that your school’s ventilation stays functional is with regular maintenance. After all, HVAC systems should be checked at regular intervals.

That’s especially true of ventilation and air filtration systems. These systems often require filter changes and cleaning to keep them functioning at peak performance.

If you haven’t had your school’s HVAC system maintained, then likely, you’ll need to perform inspection and tests. That way, your local HVAC company can determine how well your ventilation and air filtration systems are functioning.

How Often to Replace Ventilation and Air Filtration Systems

Although there’s no timeline, schools should think about replacing their air filtration and ventilation systems if necessary. More than likely, your school won’t require an entire replacement.

That’s especially true if a school keeps up with HVAC maintenance. The more well-maintained an HVAC system is, the longer it will last.

However, your school may need some systems replaced after inspection and testing. More likely, your school will want to upgrade its ventilation and air filtration systems.

Consider Upgrading Your Air Filtration and Ventilation Systems

Improving ventilation has become a serious consideration for everyone, and especially for schools. In fact, many government agencies are recommending an HVAC filter upgrade.

It’s recommended that schools use HVAC air filters with at least a MERV-13 rating. This type of filter will capture much smaller particles than lower-rated air filters used in many schools.

On top of upgrading air filters, many schools are fitting new air purifiers. These air purifiers are systems like HEPA filters.

HEPA filters can be placed inside a classroom where they’ll continuously purify the air. A more effective approach is to use new UV and plasma air purifiers.

These systems are installed within a ventilation system and destroy viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants before they reach the students.

Call the HVAC Pros for Your Air Filtration and Ventilation Needs

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That’s because M&T uses certified professionals who will work with you every step of the way. No matter if you need simple maintenance or a complete overhaul, M&T has got your back.

If your school is in the greater Vancouver area, then don’t hesitate and call the best HVAC company today.