Commercial HVAC Retrofits vs. Buying New HVAC Equipment

When HVAC equipment fails — you’ll have a choice between HVAC retrofits or brand-new HVAC equipment.

HVAC retrofits and new HVAC equipment both have pros and cons and depend on the situation. Below, we’ll discuss commercial HVAC retrofits vs. buying new HVAC equipment, so you have a better understanding when the time comes to repair or replace your HVAC system.

The Benefits of Taking the HVAC Retrofit Route

First, let’s talk about the benefits of HVAC retrofits.

From lower costs to extending the life of your current HVAC system, retrofits may be the answer for your commercial building.

HVAC Retrofits are Ideal for Anyone on a Budget

First and foremost, HVAC retrofits are cheaper than brand-new HVAC equipment.

Due to this, many commercial operators tend to choose the retrofit route. However, not every situation is the same, so you’ll need to consult your local HVAC professional to determine if HVAC retrofits are the best option.

HVAC Retrofits Can Extend The Life of Your HVAC System

In most cases, parts of the entire HVAC system fail.

Therefore, replacing the entire HVAC system is not reasonable (or economically feasible). Instead, HVAC retrofits shine when system parts need replacing or updating.

HVAC Retrofits Can Future-Proof Your HVAC System

If you’ve had the same HVAC system for decades but want upgraded features — you may want to choose the HVAC retrofit route.

HVAC professionals can install upgraded parts to give your old HVAC system a facelift. Therefore, HVAC retrofits are an affordable way to bring your HVAC system up to speed with modern features.

The Benefits of Buying New HVAC Equipment

Next, let’s talk about the benefits of buying new HVAC equipment.

From smart controls to enhanced energy efficiency, there are many reasons why brand-new HVAC equipment is the preferred choice.

Brand New HVAC Equipment is More Energy Efficient

New HVAC equipment is constructed with modern technology and efficiency requirements in mind.

The world is moving in a greener direction, making new HVAC equipment more energy efficient. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, energy-efficient HVAC components are cheaper to operate in the long run.

Brand New HVAC Equipment Has Smart Features

New HVAC equipment comes standard with smart features.

From carbon dioxide monitors to customizable controls, brand-new HVAC equipment gives more power to commercial building operators to enhance comfort, reliability, and efficiency.

Brand New HVAC Equipment is Quiet

One of the significant benefits of buying brand-new HVAC equipment is that it’s whisper quiet.

Unlike old HVAC models, new HVAC equipment is built with high standards that translate into low decibel output. Whether you deal with clients or not in a commercial space, a silent HVAC system is often necessary.

Brand new HVAC Equipment Produces Consistent Heating and Cooling

Lastly, newer HVAC equipment is more likely to produce consistent heating and cooling than older models.

If your business operates in a commercial building — you need the most consistent heating and cooling possible. Ultimately, new HVAC equipment is built to offer the best technology for your heating and cooling needs.

Which is Better — HVAC Retrofits or Brand New HVAC Equipment?

Ultimately, the choice between HVAC retrofits and brand-new HVAC equipment depends on your budget and advice from an HVAC professional.

HVAC professionals will guide you towards the best option that’s both conscious of your budget and needs. HVAC retrofits and brand-new HVAC equipment have pros and cons, but both will keep your commercial HVAC system running so you can focus on your business.

If you’re ready to discuss your options between HVAC retrofits and new HVAC equipment for your commercial building — contact M&T Air Conditioning today.