How to Improve the Expected Life of Your Commercial HVAC Units

Commercial HVAC units can last for years by implementing a few necessary practices.

If you want to ensure a long lifespan of your commercial-grade HVAC system without breaking the bank — read along. Below, we’ll discuss a few tried-and-true tips to improve the expected life of your commercial HVAC unit.

What is the Average Life of a Commercial HVAC Unit

On average, commercial HVAC systems last 10-15 years.

However, business owners can push the life expectancy of commercial HVAC units all the way to 20 years. However, various factors play a significant role in determining the overall expected life of a commercial HVAC unit.

Key Factors that Determine the Expected Life of Commercial HVAC Systems

Below, we’ll briefly discuss several primary factors that affect the length of time that your HVAC unit remains in service.

Routine Maintenance

When it comes to commercial HVAC units’ life expectancy, everything falls on routine maintenance’s shoulders.

If you own a commercial HVAC system and don’t perform routine maintenance, you’ll find a poor-performing unit after a few years. Therefore, allowing HVAC specialists to perform routine maintenance is in your best interest.

Overall routine maintenance is preventative care because it catches minor problems before they snowball into more significant issues. From changing out air filters monthly to replacing worn-out parts, routine maintenance increases the overall life expectancy of commercial HVAC units while saving you money.

Environmental Factors

Commercial HVAC units are not isolated systems.

Instead, commercial HVAC units are exposed to environmental stressors, such as:

  • High heat
  • Extreme cold
  • Humidity
  • Low Humidity

Canada features a wide array of climatic conditions, and as climate change increases the likelihood of extreme weather patterns — it’s necessary to consider how environmental factors impact your HVAC system’s lifespan.

Overall, it’s recommended to have an HVAC specialist check your commercial unit each year to search for many environment-related problems. Whether your region experienced a Polar Vortex or increased humidity, environmental-related factors severely impact the working life of your commercial HVAC system.

The Quality of Installation

Even if you buy the best commercial HVAC unit in the industry — it won’t matter if it wasn’t installed properly.

Hiring HVAC specialists to install your HVAC system is the key to a long-lasting HVAC unit. However, it’s essential to have routine maintenance done even if HVAC specialists installed your HVAC system.

A single improperly installed piece can have lasting effects on your commercial HVAC unit’s lifespan. Therefore, you must choose reliable HVAC specialists, such as those from M&T Air Conditioning.

Increase Your Commercial HVAC’s Lifespan With M&T Air Conditioning

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