How Much Do Small Businesses In Canada Spend on Heating and Cooling Their Offices (On Average)

With the rise of geopolitical conflicts and increased climate-related problems, heating and cooling is an essential consideration for small businesses in Canada.

What used to be a standard consideration has become a focal point for thousands of small-business owners across Canada. Read along as we discuss how much small businesses in Canada spend on heating and cooling throughout their offices.

The Average Cost of Energy in Canada

As the war in Ukraine pushes gas prices to unseen heights and extreme weather patterns persist, Canada and the rest of the world are dealing with increased energy rates.

Sadly, global factors land on the shoulders of small business owners the hardest. Whether you’re getting your startup off the ground or you already own a business in Canada, you’re likely to experience increased energy rates.

Currently, the average cost per square foot of energy to cool and heat an office is estimated to be $2.14.

Although this number is not set in stone — $2.14 is what you can expect to pay per square foot of office space. Therefore, use this average to determine your projected total cost of running an HVAC system in your office.

Heating and Cooling Requirements

Whether clients walk into your small business or your business model doesn’t require customer service — comfortable office space is necessary.

Therefore, your office’s HVAC system will provide heating or cooling throughout the year. Depending on your small business’s location, heating may outweigh cooling by a long shot.

Therefore, small business owners in Canada must be prepared to foot the bill when it comes to energy costs.

How to Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills

If you’re tired of paying sky-high heating and cooling rates, it’s time to read about a few tried and true methods to bring your bills down to Earth.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

One of the most accessible solutions to reducing heating and cooling costs at your small business is to ensure your HVAC system receives routine maintenance.

Although it’s easy to forget, routine HVAC maintenance reduces the average cost of heating and cooling by:

  • Improving your HVAC system’s lifespan
  • Increasing your HVAC system’s overall efficiency
  • Improve your office’s overall air quality

As you can see, routine HVAC maintenance is the key to a properly functioning heating and cooling unit. Not only does routine HVAC maintenance save money for your small business, but it provides peace of mind.

Install a Reliable HVAC System

If you’re in the process of building out your new office — you’ll want to install an efficient HVAC system straight away.

Alternatively, small business owners can replace an old or malfunctioning HVAC system with a reliable unit. In either case, buying and installing a reliable HVAC system is the key to reduced energy bills in the long run.

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