Simple Commercial HVAC Maintenance You Can Do In-House

Although you should always hire commercial HVAC professionals to provide routine inspections and in-depth repairs — you can follow a few simple commercial HVAC maintenance tips to keep your system running at peak performance.

From changing dirty air filters to checking the thermostat, you’re about to discover the most simple commercial HVAC maintenance routine that you can do in-house without the help of a professional.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

One of the easiest tasks that commercial business owners or managers can do in-house is replacing dirty air filters.

Once air filters get clogged with dust from months of use, energy efficiency and air quality plummet. As a general rule, air filters should be replaced every 3-6 months; however, you may need to replace it sooner depending on the level of clogging.

Air filters can be purchased online or from a local hardware store. With the help of standard tools, you can easily swap out air filters. If you find an air filter difficult to reach or requires special tools, don’t hesitate to reach out to commercial HVAC professionals to ensure the job gets done right.

Freshen Up the HVAC Heat Pump

Although HVAC professionals will maintain the heat pump during your annual maintenance appointment, you should clean it throughout the year.

Cleaning the HVAC heat pump is easy if you follow a few easy steps.

First, turn off the power to the primary breaker box. Next, turn off the water supply. Now that you’ve accomplished these two essential tasks, it’s time to break out a vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to suck up accumulated dust and grime.

Additionally, you can use an electric leaf blower to push dust off the coils.

Clean the Vents

Next, it’s time to open up the vent space and remove accumulated dust.

You should always wear an N95 mask to prevent allergies and inhaling particulates. Use a brush with an extendable arm to gather as much dust or debris from the venting system. Remember, any amount of dust can potentially harm the overall efficiency of your commercial HVAC system in Canada.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Condenser Coil is Accessible

The condenser coil is an essential piece of the overall commercial HVAC system.

Therefore, always ensure your outdoor condenser coil is readily accessible. As you notice the condenser coil accumulates dust and debris, you can easily hose it down. By doing so, the condenser coil will operate at maximum efficiency during operating hours.

Schedule an Appointment for Commercial HVAC Care

There’s only so much you can do regarding your commercial HVAC system.

Although you can accomplish minor preventative care tasks — nothing replaces an in-depth inspection by HVAC professionals. If you live in B.C., Canada, it’s time to consult with M&T Air Conditioning.

Trusted by dozens of commercial businesses, M&T Air Conditioning is a premier HVAC service ready to inspect, repair, and revitalize your HVAC system. Instead of getting your hands dirty, contact M&T Air Conditionings HVAC professionals so you can focus on what matters most — your business.