9 Things That Might Happen If You Don’t Maintain Your Commercial HVAC Equipment

Your commercial HVAC equipment is the backbone of your business.

Whether maintaining the perfect temperature for perishable goods or keeping clients comfortable, a well-functioning HVAC system is crucial. However, what happens when you don’t maintain your commercial HVAC equipment?

Below, we’ll detail nine things that might happen if you don’t maintain your commercial HVAC system. From system-wide breakdown to voided warranties, you’re about to understand why it’s essential to maintain your HVAC equipment with the help of HVAC professionals.

1. Dirty HEPA Filters

One of the first things that come to mind when you don’t maintain commercial HVAC equipment is dirty air filters.

A clogged HEPA filter will make your commercial workspace intolerable for employees and clients, from increased allergies to noxious odors.

2. Inefficient Thermostat

When unmaintained for long periods, your commercial thermostat may function incorrectly.

In this case, heating and cooling may be off by multiple degrees, making your commercial building uncomfortable and energy inefficient. In other words, you may spend more money than intended, and your employees and clients will feel uncomfortable.

3. Clogged Condenser

It’s ok if you don’t know what a condenser is — but you must understand that it needs to be maintained to avoid major problems.

The condenser ensures air flows into your commercial building at the right temperature. A clogged condenser may produce incorrect temperatures for your entire commercial unit without regular maintenance. If left alone too long, a clogged condenser can burn out and create a costly problem.

4. Leaks

HVAC systems are connected by ducting, pipes, hoses, seals, and pumps.

With endless points of failure, leaks are one of the most common problems in a commercial building setting. Most leaks start small, but if left unmaintained — they can snowball into more significant leaks affecting countless other parts of your HVAC system.

5. System-Wide Breakdown

Even the tiniest leak can lead to system-wide breakdown over time.

Therefore, you need to understand that system-wide breakdown is a serious threat when you don’t maintain your commercial HVAC equipment. In the event of a system-wide HVAC breakdown, you’ll need to close your commercial space until HVAC professionals repair everything from top to bottom.

6. Voided Warranties

In many cases, HVAC equipment is covered by warranties as long as you follow standard operating procedures.

Specifically, HVAC manufacturers clearly state that all equipment must undergo regular maintenance. The warranty is usually void when you don’t provide regular HVAC maintenance.

7. Reduced HVAC Equipment Lifespan

When you don’t maintain HVAC equipment — the lifespan is significantly reduced.

From dust accumulation to constant leaks, HVAC equipment loses efficiency as the number of problems mounts. When properly maintained, HVAC systems should last decades. However, when left unmaintained, you may find yourself shelling out serious amounts of money for new HVAC equipment.

8. Higher Energy Bills

When you don’t maintain or schedule regular HVAC professional visits, your energy bills increase.

Unmaintained HVAC equipment results in sub-optimal energy efficiency, making your bills more expensive. Therefore, you’ll want to schedule regular HVAC maintenance to avoid paying more for cooling and heating.

9. Power Issues

Lastly, an unmaintained commercial HVAC system is likely to experience power problems.

From intermittent power surges to untimely downtime, an unmaintained commercial HVAC system is the bane of any commercial building operator that inhibits business on all fronts.