How to Make Your Property More Profitable with Smart HVAC Solutions

If you want to make your commercial property more profitable in the short or long term — it’s time to learn about smart HVAC solutions.

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about cutting-edge HVAC solutions. Soon, you’ll understand how smart HVAC solutions can boost your commercial property’s profitability.

Install Thermal Sensors

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, thermal sensors have the ability to detect small but important differences in each room.

In a room full of individuals, thermal sensors trigger smart HVAC systems to cool or heat a room to a comfortable temperature. Additionally, all changes are logged within the thermal sensors, giving your smart HVAC system a detailed account of day to day operations.

Ultimately, thermal sensors are cutting-edge tools that enhance the comfort of your commercial property. As such, your commercial property will rise in value because of the added perk of smart sensors.

Install CO2 Sensors

Smart HVAC systems are compatible with CO2 sensors.

As the occupancy of your commercial property rises, the lack of fresh air increases. Overall, increased CO2 levels are unhealthy, making it necessary to track CO2 levels within a professional environment.

Once a CO2 sensor is triggered, the smart HVAC system can dispense fresh air until the CO2 concentration decreases to more comfortable levels.

Use Occupancy Sensors

Similar to thermal sensors, occupancy sensors work by detecting the presence (or lack of) people in a given space.

Modern day employees are increasingly going remote and leaving the office more routinely compared to the past. As such, office spaces are left empty for the majority of the work day.

Thus, heating and cooling costs are lost to empty rooms — unless you employ an occupancy sensor. Once the sensor detects the lack of individuals in a space, the heating and cooling is minimized.

Thus, expenses on HVAC are drastically reduced and your commercial property’s profitability increases.

Employ Smart Light Sensors

Lights sensors linked to smart HVAC systems record ambient, direct, and limited light levels to adjust temperature.

If your commercial property is constantly facing the sun, the light sensors (in conjunction with other sensors) will determine a space’s temperature. The beauty of light sensors is that they rely on other sensors to make the right choice.

If the light sensor receives minimal light and the internal temperature already shows a comfortable level — the light sensor will not trigger the HVAC system. By installing a light sensor in your commercial property, you’ll reduce the overall costs associated with heating and cooling.

Contact HVAC Professionals to Install a Smart HVAC System

Smart HVAC systems are the key to a profitable commercial property.

From reducing waste to decreasing energy bills, smart HVAC systems are building a greener future for the environment and commercial property owners. Therefore, it’s time to transform your commercial property into a smart building that uses wireless technology to make important decisions.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, smart HVAC systems are the key to increased profitability for commercial property owners in Canada.