How Often Should Data Storage Facilities Check Their Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems?

Data centers present a unique challenge for HVAC systems. After all, the massive array of computing equipment is quite sensitive to the environment.

That’s why data centers must have good control of temperature and humidity while keeping dust and particulates to a minimum. HVAC systems in data storage facilities need to work overtime and are crucial for their operation.

That means building managers in data storage facilities should keep a close eye on their HVAC systems. But how often should data storage facilities check their HVAC systems?

Find out how often data centers should be checking their HVAC systems and more by reading below.

HVAC Systems Are Critical for Data Centers

HVAC systems are like the lifeblood of any data center. Building managers know that networking equipment must have the right environment.

Cooling Down Data Centers With HVAC Systems

As you’ve probably experienced, computers tend to run hot—especially when they’re working. In data centers, imagine hundreds of computers all running and producing heat.

Data storage facilities heat up quickly and will overheat without proper cooling. That’s where HVAC systems come in.

Cooling systems can keep the data center cool so that the computers can run at their optimum temperature.

Humidity and Data Storage Facilities

Another crucial task of an HVAC system in a data center is humidity. It almost goes without saying that water and computers don’t mix.

Too much condensation could lead to corrosion. However, too little humidity is also a problem for data centers.

When there’s not enough moisture in the air, the risk of electrostatic discharge increases. These discharges can permanently damage servers and other equipment in the room.

Ventilation and Data Centers

Servers and other computers are sensitive to dust and other particulates. A malfunction becomes more likely as the level of dirt and dust piles on the computer.

However, a sound HVAC system will have powerful filters that remove unwanted particles from the circulating air.

How Often Should Data Centers Check Their HVAC Equipment?

It’s no exaggeration that data centers rely on functional HVAC systems. HVAC systems can’t break down under any circumstances, or else the data center might be in trouble.

If the cooling goes out, then the heat may not be manageable. If a filter is clogged, then the networking equipment is at risk of failure.

That’s why data storage facilities must have planned maintenance for their commercial HVAC systems. No one size fits all, but every data center should have professionals check their systems regularly.

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