How Much Can You Realistically Save Per Year With A Commercial HVAC Retrofit In Canada?

Aging commercial HVAC systems consume monumental amounts of energy compared to retrofitted systems.

As the summers and winters become more extreme, there’s no better time to retrofit your current commercial HVAC system to save money for years to come. Below, we’ll discuss how much you can save annually with a commercial HVAC retrofit in Canada.

How Much Energy Does Aging Commercial HVAC Systems Consume?

Every commercial building experiences different factors, such as weather considerations, location, and issues with the HVAC system itself.

Therefore, determining how much energy aging commercial HVAC systems consume is a challenging task. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that HVAC systems account for roughly 35% of an entire commercial building’s energy usage.

In most cases, HVAC systems are the most significant cost in commercial and residential buildings. With this in mind, let’s consider your aging commercial HVAC system.

As commercial HVAC systems age — efficiency plummets. Old commercial HVAC systems force owners to pay a massive premium for energy, from leaky pipes to half-working condensers.

However, buying a completely new commercial HVAC system is a serious investment, making business owners postpone the inevitable while paying sky-high energy bills.

Why Commercial HVAC Retrofits Save Energy and Money

Commercial buildings in Canada are constantly reminded of mother nature’s power — from searing summertime temperatures to freezing wind with frostbite potential.

Instead of jumping for an entire HVAC revamp with a new commercial system — HVAC retrofits allow building owners to focus on key elements within the HVAC system to boost efficiency.

For example, a commercial HVAC retrofit can replace old and inefficient equipment with high-efficiency models. From insulated duct systems to the chiller and everything in between, commercial HVAC retrofits are the perfect opportunity to give your aging system a facelift.

Overall, commercial HVAC retrofits have the potential to reduce energy usage and associated costs by as much as 30%. At this point, commercial HVAC retrofits pay for themselves when factoring in the amount of money paid toward energy bills per month.

Optimize Your Commercial HVAC System With Retrofit Additions

Aside from the more notable retrofit points, such as ducting, condensers, chillers, and AC units, let’s look at how retrofit additions can save energy throughout your commercial building in Canada.

  • Install programmable thermostats for optimized energy usage
  • Install occupancy sensors to gauge HVAC requirements in real-time
  • Add purification systems to increase workplace comfort and safety
  • Add solar shades to windows to decrease demand for cooling

Overall, these retrofit additions assist the overarching commercial HVAC system by reducing energy needs. As a commercial building owner or operator, each of these additions should be considered an efficient method to save money and energy.

Save Big With a Commercial HVAC Retrofit in Canada

If you’re ready to slash energy consumption by 30% or more — it’s time to retrofit your aging commercial HVAC system.

The professionals at M&T Air Conditioning are ready to tackle any retrofit task — big or small. From high-quality installations to customer care, M&T Air Conditioning exceeds expectations and offers services you can trust throughout Vancouver, Canada.